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Information on works in progress

Some companies are present on the site and are working on different works. The nature of the works is specified in the table below.

This table will be updated as works progress on the site. We invite you to visit on a regular basis, and to continue your efforts as a worker or a potential supplier to selected companies, according to your qualifications.


Nature of works Selected company Contact person Phone
Civil works - marine terminal Hamel Construction Stéphane Delarosbil 418 796-2074
Civil works - site preparation

Construction LFG


Réjean Audet

Sabin Savard

418 364-7082

418 872-0600

Blasting Renaud Arsenault inc.   418 364-2228
Fence Prop Clôtures   418 723-0438
Rock crushing Béton Provincial Luc Langlois 418 627-7242
Concrete foundations I BTL Construction Louis Delorme 514 982-9006
Formwork Saulnier   450 586-1413
Electricity Poirier et Frères Ltée Marc-Antoine Théberge 418 536-5453
Concrete silos (2014) Cegerco François Caron 418 543-6159
Electricity Groupe Ohméga   418 368-5425
Temporary line 25 kV Poirier et Frères Marc-Antoine Théberge 418 536-5453
Poles LEQEL   418 847-1111


A cement plant at the cutting edge of technology

Our cement plant will soon become a reality, and we are proud to share the details of this innovative project, located in the municipality of Port-Daniel-Gascons, in the Province of Quebec, Canada.

Rich in history and attractions of all kinds, Port-Daniel-Gascons also boasts a limestone deposit ideal for cement production.

With our marine terminal adjacent to the plant, we will be able to ship our products efficiently and quickly to many markets, including the US Eastern Seaboard and the entire perimeter of the Atlantic Ocean.

Our plant will manufacture consistently high-quality cement that meets environmental regulations in Canada (including Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes) as well as the latest US Environmental Protection Agency regulations, recognized as the strictest in the world.

Customer support is also a part of our unwavering commitment. The short sailing time (two to three days) is key to our ability to deliver our dependable, high-performing product, made using a world-class, environmentally sensitive process, to our customers’ markets. We understand the importance for cement buyers to be able to rely on a predictable, consistent supply.

McInnis Cement will become a leader and a new model in the industry, as well as an economic driver for the entire Gaspé region.

Looking forward

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